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Forests play a critical role for the global environment, people and the economy. In addition to alleviating the effects of climate change and natural disasters, they represent some of the richest biological areas on Earth. Forests also provide food, renewable raw materials for many of our products, and livelihoods for millions of people.

Forestal Comaco, with its extensive forest heritage, contributes to slowing down climate change by protecting soils, watersheds and curbing global warming.
From an environmental point of view, and in the context of climate change, forests capture large amounts of atmospheric carbon dioxide, storing it for long periods of time and releasing oxygen into the environment, which is why they are essential for regulating ecosystems and the Biodiversity.

Also, forests become transcendental in the water cycle of a watershed, since they regulate the quantity and quality of the water with which we satisfy our basic needs.

In addition, they are essential for communities that base their economy and lifestyle on the goods and services they provide.


Forestal Comaco protects the areas of its heritage that are covered with Native Forest and that constitute a refuge for the native flora and fauna of Chile. Some of these forests contain unique species that are part of the country’s natural heritage, which are specially protected.



Forestal Comaco is aware that the benefits provided by the forest are numerous and in various fields. Therefore, one of its objectives is to efficiently use the range of multiple products and services that it provides, improving long-term economic viability.

The following are some of the forest’s main benefits:

  • Wood products such as pulp, paper, sawn wood, furniture, boards, etc., which contribute to the development of the country and form an important part of the Chilean GDP.
  • Employment, since forestry drives direct employment for 150,000 people and indirect employment for the same number of people. If we consider their family groups, more than half a million Chileans live based on the forest.
  • Resources such as soil, water, flora, fauna, recreation, landscape and non-timber forest products, which are used by neighboring communities and form an important part of their daily lives.


In order to protect our heritage, we have an area committed to the prevention and management of fires, allocating resources to education, prevention and combating forest fires.

To fight fire and care for the forest, Forestal Comaco builds and maintains roads and firebreaks on its land, as well as a water protection plan that allows it to be available to attack fire in a timely manner in the event of forest fires.

In the same way, understanding that timely detection is the basis for control, we maintain current cooperation agreements with CONAF and the main forestry companies in Chile with whom we work in coordination.