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Bosques Sustentables Chile y Colombia

We are Chilean family business created in the early 1960s by Ítalo Zunino Muratori and María Eugenia Besnier Diez.

We are dedicated to the sustainable development of Pinus radiata and Eucalyptus nitens, globulus and gloni plantations, which are located in the Chilean Ñuble, Bío Bío, Araucanía and Los Ríos regions to produce sawable wood, pulp wood and chips, that are commercialized in the domestic and international markets, as well as to the management and conservation of the native forest.

Since 2006, a Pinus tecunumanii plantation project began in the surroundings of Medellín, northeast of Antioquía, Colombia.


We are inspired by ethics, respect and long-term commitment to our employees, customers, suppliers, community and environment

El largo plazo es nuestro camino
The long term is our path
Nuestros bosques propios nos respaldan
Our own forests support us
Trabajamos para obtener los mejores productos
We work to achieve the best products
Somos los principales exportadores de astillas de Chile
We are the main chip exporters in Chile
No tenemos fronteras
We have no boundaries


  • To be recognized for the reliability and quality that we deliver to our clients.
  • Support our suppliers.
  • Provide a good working environment for our collaborators.
  • Create a spirit of community and collaboration with our neighbors.
  • Contribute to the environment by cleaning our air, caring for our soil and water resources.