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These certifications guarantee the responsible management of our forest resources, in an adequate, socially beneficial and economically viable environment.

Our current certifications:

These Certifications are a long-term commitment that implies the responsible management of forest resources, giving equal attention to the social, environmental and economic dimension.


Certification results in a series of benefits for the community, the company and the environment.

In relation to the environment, proper forest management ensures that after the harvest of forest and non-forest products, the biodiversity of the forest, its productivity and ecological processes are maintained.

On the social front, certification helps local communities and society as a whole to benefit from the forest and also provides important incentives to neighboring communities to maintain forest resources and adhere to long-term management plans.

In the economic area, it means that forest operations are carried out in an economically feasible manner, in order to ensure the durability of the forest and the benefits in the ecosystem and in neighboring communities.

Comaco Forestal Chile


Forestal Comaco currently has more than 80,000 CERCOM Group certified hectares.
CERCOM Group Current Land Use Distribution – December 2016