Comaco Forestal’s forest management is developed under the concept of resource sustainability, i.e. satisfy our generation’s needs without compromising the future generation’s efficiency. Within this context, the company takes on a commitment with the caring of the environment and promoting the conservation of biodiversity and the protection of Native Forests.   Thus, forest operations are performed under the precautionary approach, that is, that risk is generated if precautions are not taken. Therefore, compliance with procedures, training and continuous improvement are essential to minimizing environmental impact.

Forest Benefits

Comaco Forestal is aware that the benefits delivered by the forest are numerous and in various fields. Therefore, one of its goals is to efficiently use the wide range of products and multiple services that it delivers, improving long-term economic viability.

Among the main forest benefits we have:

  • Wood products such as pulp, paper, lumber, furniture, boards, etc, which contribute to the development of our country and are an important part of Chilean GDP.
  • Employment, since forestry activities generate direct employment for 150. 000 people and indirect employment for the same number of people. As a result, if we consider their family groups, more than half a million Chileans live from the forest.
  • Resources such as soil, water, flora, fauna, recreation, landscape and non-timber forest products, which are utilized by neighboring communities, are an important part of their daily life.

Forest Fire Protection

In order to protect its assets, Comaco Forestal has an annual Emergency Plan and Fire Management Program, allocating resources to preventing and fighting forest fires.

For fire fighting and caring of the forest, Comaco Forestal has implemented roads and firewalls to prevent its progress, in addition to a security plan that protects the water used to fight the forest fires.

Similarly, understanding that early detection is the essential for its control, Comaco Forestal has cooperation agreements with CONAF and the Chilean most important forest companies

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