Comaco Forestal understands that the sustainability of their activities is not just about production, but it also requires the continued acceptance of the aspects that have to do with society and stakeholders interested in their work.   In this sense it is aware that there are constant emerging new concerns, which must be dealt with through discussion mechanisms, balancing and building positive relationships which show respect towards the community.

Within the last actions include the donation of 10 thousand plants of Eucalyptus to the City of Victoria and fire prevention talks that the company has made in conjunction with Conaf.

Water Bailment

Comaco Forestal maintains a strong and permanent commitment and collaborative relationship with its neighbors. One of the initiatives is the bailment of properties holding drinking water facilities to rural committees in charge of supplying this resource to the communities of Rariruca and Caupolicán de Purén. In this way, they can apply for projects that will allow them to improve and expand their facilities and thus better serve their community.

Training for Residents

Comaco Forestry takes on the commitment to train its neighbours according to the requests and interests they have together with the company’s. These trainings are aimed to help improve the local economic development of the neighbors. It is for these reasons that training in production activities such as planting and harvesting techniques have been provided, which as a result have allowed us to give priority to the recruitment of local labor.

In addition, residents have been trained on topics such as Hanta Virus, Health and Safety prevention, Cleaning and Ornament, Principles and Criteria, and Flora and Fauna with Conservation problems, in order to inform the community and improve their quality of life.

Articulating Bureau of Non-wood Forest products (NWFP)

Comaco Forestal is an active member of the Bureau of Collectors NWFP. It seeks recognition for the collectors as a productive activity and of great importance in the region of Bío Bío. In addition, it provides support for the development of committees and the commercialization of products, a challenging outline for all members of the Bureau.

Commitment with the Community

Comaco Forestal maintains direct communication with the residents of the neighboring lands.  In this relationship of mutual benefit, joint articulation meetings are generated that encourage local development. This is how the company regularly collaborates and participates in shared activities, which have allowed many endeavours with the community.

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