About us

Comaco Forestal is a group of companies headed by Maderas Condor S.A. and integrated by Forestal Comaco, Comaco S.A. and Hacienda San Lorenzo S.A.

The main purpose of Forestal Comaco is based on the comprehensive use of the forest. This includes the establishment and silvicultural management of its forest assets, and the commercialization, in local and export markets, of forest products, especially pulpwood, logs and other products that come out from the forest.

In order to accomplish this task Comaco Forestal counts with an important timberland, located between the VI and X regions, with Native Forest and Radiata Pine, Eucalyptus Globulus (Blue Gum), Eucalyptus Nitens plantations.

Our business is based on the renewal and sustainable use of the forest, so the certification – which among others things is concerned with the compliance of environmental legislation and the work with neighboring communities-, has been a fundamental pillar in our line of growth.

Vision and Mission

Set up a forestry company leader in reliability, quality and sustainable management of its forest assets. Thereby our forests, the wood products obtained from them and the benefits they generate, will contribute to society by adding value and growth, in a framework of commitment to the environment and surrounding communities.

Generate value through a responsible and sustainable use of plantations and native forests, ensuring its preservation as a renewable natural resource, as well as the obtainment and commercialization of quality timber and non timber products that will meet the needs of our customers. To achieve this, we are inspired by ethics and long-term commitment to our shareholders, customers, suppliers, employees, the community and the environment, and we are governed by the high standards of the certification norms and our policies.


The origin of Comaco Forestal dates back to 1960, when Italo Zunino Muratori and Mrs. Maria Eugenia Besnier installed a portable steam sawmill to produce Radiata Pine lumber, firstly for the domestic market and later on shipped to the Argentinean market.

From the beginning, the earnings generated in the business were fully reinvested in the acquisition of timberland in order to ensure the supply of raw materials for their saw mill.

In the seventies, Mr. Zunino co-founded the Consorcio Maderero Ltda., which brought together nine small forest entrepreneurs who, by joining their production and commercialization skills, were able to open new markets and export together. Through the Consortium exports to the United States, the Caribbean, North Africa, Scandinavia, Asia, and the Persian Gulf countries, began.

In 1985, while still a member of the Consorcio Maderero Ltda., Forestal Comaco starts developing the business of woodchips and its export, mainly to Japan, country with which it has 30 years of uninterrupted trade relations.

In the early nineties, Consorcio Maderero Ltda. is dissolved, ending its commercial business, leaving each one of its members with freedom of action. As far as Forestal Comaco is concerned, it continues to sell wood chips; pine logs and carries on with the acquisition of forest land.

Nowadays, Forestal Comaco owns a significant area of pine, eucalyptus and native species from the VI to the X regions, which are responsibly managed, primarily for the production of lumber and pulpable wood.


Comaco Forestal’s Board of Directors is integrated by the following members:

Andrea Zunino

Vice-Chairman Executive

Claudia Zunino

Member of the Board

Edmundo Hermosilla

Member of the Board


Member of the Board

Avenida Andrés Bello 2777, Oficina 2004. Las Condes, Santiago, Chile.
Teléfono (+562) 2347 1700.